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Literature lies between the modern and ancient literature. It plays a significant role in Authors such as Thomas, Auden, Eliot, Beckett, Yeats, and many more used an array of innovative and distinctive methods and techniques in their works to capture the suffering and remorse experienced my many, and in doing so, established a new genre of literature called Modernism.

Conclusion Modernism is a movement in art, music, architecture, literature and technique in the United states and Europe in the 19th 20th century, which appeared as a protest to the traditional esthetic culture.

In conclusion, this essay explained modernism with referring to some ideas and quotes of the author. Firstly, it explained the way that modernism unit all members of a society and secondly how modernism can develop new traditions as well as threating the old ones. What Modernism Is. Modernism is a broad term uniting various trends that existed at the onset of the 20th century in art, literature, scholarship, politics, and culture.

The foundation for the development of modernism was the notion that traditional culture At the very core of modernism is the defiance of societys established standards and traditions. This includes structures such as the family structure, government, religion, gender roles, socioeconomic hierarchies, and perception of different races. Essays and criticism on Modernism Modernism. Gabriel Josipovici. SOURCE: " Modernism and Romanticism, " in The World and the Book: A Study of Modern Modernism essay conclusion format, Macmillan Press, 1979, pp.

[In Modernism Essay speakers memories of childhood innocence. Another defining aspect of Modernism is the fall from innocence, meaning mankind has fallen into corruption, evil, and immorality largely as a result from the wars (particularly World War I and the Spanish Revolution) that destroyed much of Europe and witnessed despicable acts of violence Modernism is a wide direction that means that a style of everything has been changed.

By everything we mean: architecture, sculpture, art, literature and also a behavior of an average person. Everything is cool, but why no one thinks that if everything is changing it means that the way people think and make decisions has changed as well.