How to put cfa candidate in resume

How to Display Your Status a s a CFA Institute Member or Candidate on LinkedIn. StepbyStep Instructions. LinkedIn profiles have a new section labeled How To Correctly Display Your CFA Status On Your Resume& LinkedIn for Best Results. By Zee To indicate your CFA qualification status on your CV or resume, list CFA Institute as an educational awarding body in the 'schools and universities' section, If you are a candidate in the CFA Program, you may indicate Putting Your CFA Level I on Your Resume.

By Colleen you should put your work experience toward the top of the resume. A strong investment industry resume would highlight quantitative career If you are a candidate in the CFA Program, you may indicate that you have passed each level of the CFA exam under Test Score or state that you are a candidate in the program under Course.

Do not use your candidacy in the Heading of your profile. Aug 21, 2014 CFA Level 1 Candidate on Resume? Subscribe. virvir2323 PT. Rank: Monkey 41. Should I Put CFA Candidate Level 1 on my Resume?

No. You should not put this distinction on your resume as it means very little other than the fact that you are thinking about taking the CFA level one exam. Jul 28, 2012  Until you register for L3, just put CFA Candidate, Passed Level II, the rest is just uncessary and I doubt it will help you at all. You can mention the fact that you passed or have enrolled in CFA program. E. g. CFA level 1 candidate; Passed CFA level 1 etc. You Aug 06, 2015 Personally, I think it makes a big difference to put down something besides CPA candidate.

My resume is as follows: CPA Candidate, My State (Certificate# ) 3. Add a phrase stating you are an exam candidate to the initial summary on your resume. You are being proactive in applying to jobs; it is not a detriment to state that you are an exam candidate.