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You will need to address any problems in your essay BEFORE TURNING IT IN, to avoid losing extra points. When you turn in your paper, you will include the following items from TOP TO BOTTOMPAPERCLIPPED! Final typed copy stapled. The peer editing sheet. The selfediting sheet.

Edited rough draft. STAPLE YOUR FINAL DRAFT. Take this paper (the self editing sheet) and rewrite your paper. If there is a NO in any blank (except Step 1: # s 711, and Step 2: # 9 nos are good there), you will need to address that problem in your essay BEFORE TURNING IT IN, Peer Editing Sheet For Descriptive Essay Examples. Each body paragraph has at least three main ideas.

Each body paragraph paragraph. Descriptive and precise words are used. Writing the Narrative Essay, Rough Draft& Peer Edit Feb 6, 2015 Writing the Narrative Essay, 10. Could the writer use another pattern of development to structure this essay, or is division the best choice? Explain. PEER EDITING WORKSHEET: Classification 1. Paraphrase the essays thesis. 2. What larger category is being classified into types in this essay? Into what general types is the larger category divided? 3. Peer Editing Sheet Summer Reading Essay Name of Peer Editor: 1.

Does the writer include the authors name and title of the book somewhere in the intro. Aug 27, 2018  Peer Editing Sheet For Descriptive Essay On The Beach. Peer Editing checklist for Narrative OR descriptive essay Exchange for. Narrative OR descriptive essay. Exchange papers with a partner to answer the following questions. Be generous with your questions nbsp; Peer Edit: Descriptive Essay Commons: Exemplification. The ideas flow logically and make sense.

Transitions are used correctly. There are no awkward parts. The essay is interesting. 3. IdeasContent Everything in the essay supports the thesis statement. There is enough supporting evidence for each body paragraph.

Descriptive and precise words are used. Narrative essay peer edit worksheet Narrative Essay Peer Editing Checklist Note: Editing a writers work is a time consuming but important. Peer Editing Worksheet II for Narrative Common Task. Peer edit sheet descriptive essay prompts Revising vs Editing: Peer Assessment Prompt (K).