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Female foeticide is prevalent in our country as a major social evil. The patriarchal social structure of India gives a secondary position to women. Social belief goes that the family runs through a male and hence the birth of a male child in the family is imminent to the carrying forward of its generation. PDF Essay On Pollution In Punjabi Language poopria.

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Female foeticide essay in punjabi language. Students, 2015 last edited: reasons, cast system in india! We so pretty and thus society. How can we provide excellent essay writing service 247. Female Female Foeticide Essay 4 (250 words) What is Female Foeticide. Female foeticide is the process of abortion to terminate female foetus from the womb of mother before birth after the sex determination tests like ultrasound scan. Female foeticide and even any sex determination test is illegal in India.

Description: Download free female foeticide essay in punjabi language ebooks in PDF, MOBI, EPUB, with ISBN ISBN and file size is about 59 MB Read and Download Female Foeticide Essay In Punjabi Language Free Essay On Female Foeticide In Hindi Language. FEMALE FOETICIDE INTRODUCTION: Contemporary Indian society professes a profound faith in every individuals right to life and dignity.

The rights relating to the weaker& vulnerable sections of Indian society especially women, and more specially the girl child were violated. Female foeticide in India is the abortion of a female foetus outside of legal methods. The frequency of female foeticide in India is increasing day by day.

The natural ratio is assumed to be between 103 and 107, and any number above it is considered as suggestive of female foeticide. Essay in punjabi language on female foeticide Dedicated to pray, great collection of the us, has been released online bhrun hatya essay on lives in try this aeronautic engineering. Diet and is a good morning walk essay pediatric ward with punjabi language. Practices like female foeticide and female infanticide (killing a baby girl after she is born) have had an adverse effect on the sex ratio of a nation and gives rise to further social evils.

According to the decennial Indian census, the sex ratio in the 06 age group in India went from 104. 0 males per 100 females in 1981, to 105. 8 in 1991, to 107. 8 in 2001, to