Kalinga war essay introduction

In his eighth regnal year Ashoka invaded and conquered Kalinga after a bloody war. Ashoka attacked Kalinga which occupied a strategic position controlling the routes to south India by land and sea. In his Rock Edict XIII Ashoka had referred to the conquest of Kalinga and the great loss of life. The violence of war seen in all its nakedness made Asoka adopt nonviolence and peace as the creed of his life. He came to change his personal religion and adopted Buddhism.

The Kalinga war was the last political event of his reign. Essay Introduction: Ashoka was one of the two greatest emperors of India. He sat on the throne of Magadha in 273 BC after the death of his father, Bindusar. He reigned about 40 years. He was the first monarch to educate his men and lead them to the path of truth. He is the only military man on record who gave up warfare after winning a grand victory. The Kalinga war, which he waged to acquire and annexed the country of that name, was a very terrible war in which thousands of people died and many more were wounded and maimed.

It proved a turning point in his life. The casualty on the Kalinga side proves the heroic aspect of the war and the courageous resistance the people of Kalinga offered. Contemporary literary and epigraphic sources are silent about the actual campaigns of Asoka and the nature of battles which the people fought. Ashoka fought the Kalinga War in 261 B. C. Though Ashoka won (lie war, it brought a revolutionary change in the attitude of the emperor. He saw, in the battle field, the flow of blood, thousands killed and many more wounded.

Afterr a period of eight years of serving as the king, Ashoka planned to seize the territory of Kalinga, the present day Orissa. He led a huge army and fought a gruesome battle with the army of Kalinga. The battle of Kalinga made him pledge to never wage a war again.

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