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Animal classification is the categorizing of animals and organisms hierarchically. The ranking system is based on a fixed number of levels such as kingdom, family, or genus. The order goes: Animal classification is based on an organisms decent from a common ancestor. Accordingly, the most important traits for classification are those inherited How can the answer be improved? The biological definition includes all members of the kingdom Animalia.

In colloquial usage, as a consequence of anthropocentrism, the term animal is sometimes used nonscientifically to refer only to nonhuman animals. In biology, kingdom (Latin: regnum, plural regna) is the second highest taxonomic rank, just below domain. Kingdoms are divided into smaller groups called phyla. Traditionally, some textbooks from the United States used a system of six kingdoms (Animalia, Plantae, Fungi, Related Documents: Outline: Species and Kingdom Animalia Essay The Various Species of Chimpanzees in Africa and their Fate Essay The Various Species of Chimpanzees in Africa and their Fate Chimpanzees are a species of apes that are found in a variety of different habitats in Western, Central and Eastern Africa.

Drinks water and filters for nutrients 6. Internal Transport Importance: Homes for marine fish and worms Trends in Animals More complex, specialized cells which form tissues and organs Radialbilateral symmetry Cephalization is the centration of sense organs in the anterior region The rear end is the posterior The Dorsal is the Animal Phyla Biologists recognize about 36 separate phyla within the Kingdom Animalia.

(Well study the 10 major ones! ) PLANTAE Importance of Flowering Plants(Angiosperm) also known as Angiospermae Lindl. [2[3 or Magnoliophyta, are the most diverse group of land plants. Read this essay on Kingdom Animalia. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Only at Classification of animals in the animal kingdom There are about 31 phyla, 68 classes and 350 orders of living animals, recognized in the animal kingdom.

The following classification is based on the work of Hyman, Barnes and Storer with slight modification. ADVERTISEMENTS: Kingdom animalia: It includes the entire fauna (animal Jul 14, 2018 Kingdom Animalia has been classified into 10 different subphyla based on their body design or differentiation.

The different subphylum of the animal kingdom are as follows: Porifera