Essay on history of cricket

The game of cricket has a known history spanning from the 16th century to the present day. Cricket is played since 1844. The history of international cricket began in 1877. In the middle of 18th century cricket was played in villages. A number of references occur up to the English Civil War and these indicate that cricket had become an adult game History of Cricket Essay for Students and Kids Cricket is a professional outdoor game played especially by the boys of many countries on national and international level.

There are two teams of 11 players each in this outdoor game. History of Twenty20 Overview Twenty20 cricket, often referred to as the short game involves each team only playing a single innings, batting each for a maximum of 20 overs. The timespan of a typical Twenty20 game is just under 3 hours, each innings therefore lasting 75 mins, and this brings the game more in line with other popular Cricket faced its first real crisis during the 18th century when major matches virtually ceased during the Seven Years War.

This was largely due to shortage of players and lack of investment. But the game survived. Cricket faced another major crisis at the beginning of the 19th century when a cessation of major matches occurred during the The history of cricket started in the 16th century in England. The first written evidence dates back to 1598. The first written evidence dates back Cricket is one kind of outdoor game.

It is played between two teams. It is played Essay on history of cricket a ball, a bat and wickets. The ball, the bat and the wickets are properly sized for this game. They are called cricketball, cricketbat and cricketwickets.

Cricket Essay 4 (250 words) Cricket is my favourite game than all other outdoor games in India. I used to play cricket in front of my house in the park with my school friends and neighbours. Cricket is a game originated in British Empire (an English origin) however started playing in many countries. We need a bat and a ball to play this game. Cricket is much developed than the olden days. In olden days cricket bat is like a hockey stick but now it is completely changed.

And olden days cricket is played in villages but now cricket is played in and one day internationals are the three formats of cricket.