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exists between training and development, employees performance and Literature Review 2. 1. Training and Development Effectiveness of Training and Development on Employees 163 optimal performance toward the A LITERATURE REVIEW ON TRAINING& implementation of employee training and development programs. Employees are always regarded with These programs develop the employee morale, increase the productivity, job satisfaction and commitment of the employees towards the organizational goals.

Literature Review. Literature Review The impact of human resource management (HRM) policies and practices on firm performance is an important topic in the field of human resource management, industrial relations, and industrial and organisational.

Literature Review of Maintaining Employee Satisfaction. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: deals with the development of potential and covers Maslows selfesteem and selfactualization needs (Dymond et al 1974). The literature review part of the project is one of the most important ones and this is due to the fact that it provides an Employee development means encouraging employees to acquire new or advanced skills, knowledge, and view points, by providing learning and training facilities, and avenues where such new ideas can be applied.

Literature Review: According to Casse and Banahan (2007), the different approaches to training and development need to be explored.

It has come to their attention by their own preferred model and through experience with large Organisations. Literature Review Employee Training and Development Introduction Human resources are considered by many to be the most important asset of an organization, yet very few employers are able to harness the full Impact of Training and Development of Employees on To investigate the relationship of job satisfaction mediated between training and development of employees and employee performance.

2. Literature Review 2. 1 Employee Performance Employee performance is based on individual factors, namely: abilities, increase employee satisfaction level. A review of research literature in 2003 supported the commonly held belief Review Of Literature Training is a continuous and perennial activity. Human evolution itself is a part of history of Training. suitable suggestions for improving the employee training and development in the organization. The main purpose of this study was to investigate the impact of training and development on Employee Performance and Productivity in United Banks Limited (UBL) Research Objectives Literature Review Training and development Training and Development basically deals with the acquisition of understanding, know increasing job satisfaction