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TOURISM DESTINATION MARKETING STUDY WORKPAPER AN OPERATIONAL WORKING INSTRUMENT FOR GEOGRAPHERS ANA IRINA DINC 1, AUREL GHEORGHILA 1 Marketing is an essential domain for tourism, being recently more and more theoretically approached and conceptualized by research papers (e specially in 7 Destination Marketing Research: Issues and Challenges Muzaffer Uysal, Rich Harrill and Eunju Woo Introduction point of view.

The following section briey discusses the tourism system, the phases of This chapter examines destination marketing travel experience and the new value chain. research and its attendant issues. Destination image is an important factor in choosing a destination for tourists. For this reason, it is important to determine how the image of the destination is perceived by tourists, to develop the destination and to prolong the life period as a touristic product. The Journal of Destination Marketing& Management (JDMM) aims to be the leading international journal for the study of tourist destinations by providing a critical understanding of all aspects of their marketing and management, as they are situated in their particular policy, planning, economic, geographical and historical contexts.

His main research interests focus on consumer behavior, benchmarking, competitiveness, crosscultural research, destination management and marketing, and European tourist markets. Luisa Andreu is Assistant Professor of Marketing in the Department of Marketing, University of Valencia, Spain. Research and marketing efforts should then be centralised around the traveller in order to understand the needs and expectations and ultimately package a suitable destination that would be of interest and demand to the traveller.

Moreover highlight the issues destination marketing organisations (DMOs) face with destination branding activities. A destination is identified as a geographical area such as a country, an island or a town that is chosen by a guest or visitor as a travel destination (Bieger, 2005; Buhalis, 2000). According to various research carried out, it has been established that tourism plays a role in enhancing and establishing peace and stability that exists between many nations.

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