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Feb 25, 2009 Why should'nt students be allowed to chew gum in class? Tomorrow in english class I have 2 write a persuasive essay. My topic is" against students chewing gum in class" Going on, chewing gum releases stress and anxiety that many students have.

School is a stressful place, assignments or projects need to be turned in, and important tests are coming up. In the article Students Should be Able to Chew Gum at School it says, One of the arguments in its favor is that gum helps students cope with stress. Free Essays on Chewing Gum In Class. Get help with your writing. 1 through 30 Why Gum Chewing Should Be Allowed In School Some would have you believe that gum chewing is a nasty habit and that it should be banned from schools.

At SAS it is banned just like it is banned in all of Singapore. Apr 21, 2011  Before one sees the research, gumchewing might sound like a horrific idea. In fact, chewing gum really is a great thing to allow at schools. So, if people want to improve students ability to do better in school, gum Why chewing gum should be allowed at school The Press Democrat Prezi Green Living Behind the Label chewing gum The Ecologist Buy paper online nz Essays Chewing gum.

Copy of Should Students Be Allowed To Chew Gum In Chewing gum can be good for academic and social outcomes in school. Gum would not be messy if students are taught how to properly dispose them and those who litter will be punished by cleaning all gum stuck in different parts of the Essay chewing gum class. Some teachers believe that gum must be banned in school as they tend to be put under chairs and tables. Sebastian, go spit your gum out in the trash can.

This situation interrupts the class and break the concentration of the class, and takes time to get back on task. On my last 2 math tests while chewing gum after lunches I have made 80s or 90s. Last week when I didnt have gum and I had a math quiz I made a 74.

Papers; Chewing Gum; A Pages: 3 Words: 788. This is just a sample. To get a unique essay Hire Writer. have you ever found yourself in a situation where your hair is stuck with bubble gum and you accidentally step on a chewing gum? These situations can be really annoying right? They had a control group not chew gum during the same class According to the Los Angeles Times from April 2009, chewing gum has been proven to boost academic performance.

In one study, researchers asked one group of teenaged students to chew sugarfree gum while participating in math class.