Are bilinguals smarter than monolinguals essay contest

Do you agree with the finding that bilinguals have better social skills than monolinguals? bilinguals have better social skills than monolinguals. Bilinguals have invested time and effort to Bilinguals Compared to Monolinguals Essay 2019 Words 9 Pages Overview of subject: Before knowing whether or not bilingualism is a blessing or a curse, it is important to first investigate the similarities and differences between monolingual and bilingual children. Bilinguals are thought to be smarter than Monolinguals (RubioFernndez& Glucksberg, 2012).

Smartness is a measure of successfulness in their education (Hatt, 2007, p. 146). Because of this, there is a debate to decide whether the next generation of children should be exposed to a Bilingual education. Custom Why Bilinguals are Smarter Essay In an increasingly globalizing society, it is better to speak more than one language. However, scientists in the recent past have shown that there are more other advantages to bilingualism than just being able to converse; being bilingual makes a person smarter.

This essay reviews the evidence from Literature to determine whether Bilinguals are smarter than Monolinguals. There is a current debate as to whether Monolingual or Bilingual education is a better approach to produce smarter students. View Essay Are Bilinguals Smarter than Monolinguals expository essay from FIQWS 101 at The City College of New York, CUNY. Bhowmik 1 EXPOSITORY ESSAY Are Bilinguals Smarter than Monolinguals?

By Research has also looked at specific enhancements (Goetz, 2003; Kovacs, 2009) and downsides (Kaushanskaya Marian, 2007) to being Bilingual.

This essay reviews the evidence from Literature to determine whether Bhowmik 1 Ruma Bhowmik Instructor: Christine Scanlon FIQWSComposition: History& Language 5 November 2014 Being Bilingual Makes You Intelligent Thesis statement: In my perspective, regardless of scientific studies, I believe that bilinguals are more intelligent than monolinguals.