How to write state legislators

Tips for contacting your legislators Email Phone calls Letters. Do not write in CAPITALS (it looks like youre YELLING) Bear in mind that your state legislators all have district offices close to home, and they are only in Tallahassee when the legislature is in session. The 2009 session begins on March 3rd. The tips outlined above for writing letters to legislators also apply to emails: keep them brief and to the point, with facts and anecdotes relevant to the legislator's district.

Avoid informal language Email to a legislator should be treated as seriously as a Below are some simple tips that you can use to write more effective letters: Use Proper Salutation.

The salutation should be" Dear Representative Smith" or Dear Senator Smith" or" Dear Assemblyman Smith" depending on the office held. The address should read: Honorable Jim Smith, Address, City, State, Zip.

TIPS FOR WRITING, SENDING AN EMAIL OR CALLING A LEGISLATOR Writing a letter to a legislator Use the proper salutation, for example: The Honorable (first name) (last name) Address City, State, Zip code Dear (Assembly Member Senator) (last name) Be courteous and informative in your communication.

If mailing a letter, the envelope should be addressed to The Honorable Joe Smith for both state or U. S. legislators. Identify your issue. For each letter, identify a maximum of two issues and state the problem or proposition for each issue.

Writing a bill for your state legislature is one way for concerned citizens or groups to have a direct impact on government. While citizens or organizations cannot introduce a bill only a legislator can do that writing a bill is a good way to You may write to your legislators at the following addresses: The Honorable (insert name of Senator) Texas Senate P.

O. Box Austin, Texas. The Honorable (insert name of Representative) Texas House of Representatives P. O. Box 2910 Austin, Texas. District office addresses are available on Who Represents Me? on Frequently Asked Questions About the Minnesota Legislature. How do I contact my legislator? How do I let a representative or senator know how I feel about an issue?

You can call, email, or write a letter to your legislator. To speak to your representative or senator in person, contact their office to make an appointment. Minnesota State option to write all of your legislators in a form on their web page, with one click. WRITE YOUR LETTER Remember that you probably know more than your legislator about severe mental illness. Follow Florida State Senate State Capitol Building Room 123 Tallahassee, FL No.

The webmaster will not forward messages to congressional offices. If you are having problems contacting your representative, you can report the problem using the Contact Webmaster form, write or call your elected representative, or visit the member's website for alternate contact information.