How to write et al in references

Example: Each citation of a source by Allard, Goldblatt, Kemball, Kendrick, Millen, and Smith should look like this: School districts have used communities of practice to encourage reflection in planning committees (Allard et al.2007). For the second reference, the two remaining names can be abbreviated to et al.

A Quirk of Et Al. Finally, be careful of a quirk of et al.which is that it is pluralthat is, it must replace at least two names (or, put another way, it cannot stand for only one name). So, if you have worked through a reference and only one name is left to abbreviate, you Using et al.

With three, four, and five authors, you will cite all of the authors at first mention. Each subsequent mention you will abbreviate Despite gaining an understanding of the meaning of et al.authors are often still confused about how to write et al. Essentially, the second word of the term et al takes on a period (et al.

) irrespective of whether it falls in the middle of a sentence. Use the lead author's surname and et al. for parenthetical citation of a work with 6 or more authors. For example, (Blythe et al.2003). Use the lead author's name and et al. in your referencelist citation of a major reference book with a large editorial board.

In subsequent citations, only use the first author's last name followed by" et al. " in the signal phrase or in parentheses. (Kernis et al.1993) In et al.et Et al. comes into play in references to works with three or more authors. When a work has two authors, both names are used every time the work is cited. When a work has three, four, or five authors, use all the names the first time the work is cited; in subsequent citations, use the first authors name plus et al.

Jul 02, 2016  Use et al. with intext citations. The intention is to make references shorter and easier to absorb. Aside from authors, this 1.

Writers sometimes use the surname of the first author followed by et al. at the first mention of a work that has three, four, or five authors. Only when a work has six or more authors should the first intext citation consist of the first author followed by et al. Sep 21, 2015  What I know for APA 6 th, if two author: both name will come with& on citation; if three or more authors: the citation will be first author with et al.

See below what I am getting with MS office 10 reference using APA6. et al