Literature review topic ideas

The literature review is a critical summary, classification, and evaluation of existing theory and research on your topic.

This assignment is intended to help you: (1) begin applying the concepts covered in readings and class discussions to your research and (2) familiarize yourself with scholarly journal articles and other sources of information about your topic Even if you need your write a literature review written entirely and you dont yet have a topic, we can get to work for you, come up with a variety of literature review topic ideas, until you find one that suits you, and then get to work in writing your new literature review.

List of Popular Literature Review Topics 14. 96 17. 95 17. 20 19. 45 14. 96 19. 45 Whether you are writing an environmental science literature review or any literature review as a standalone assignment or as part of your thesis or dissertation you will be already realizing the magnitude of your task. Ideas for Paper Topics These are only ideas for paper topics, you are not limited to these topics.

You may choose your own paper topic as Choosing your research topic is an important step in writing a literature review. First, choose a strong topic and one you're interested in. You don't want a topic that is too narrow or one that has little or no research about it. May 10, 2011 The literature review for my research class will hopefully become a part of my scholarly project, so the topic needs to be something I'm interested in and can be researched.

I'm really having a hard time coming up with problems though. List of Popular Medical Literature Review Topics How Important Are Your Medical Literature Review Topics? The topic area is the specific subject that you would like to conduct your research around and should write your literature review around also. Having the most interesting topic in the world wont help you write a literature review if no one else has written about it previously. It might even be a good idea to come up with a few different ideas and do some preliminary research on each.

Watch video After you conduct a literature review on your topic, you should discover what is already known and what research questions remain regarding your topic. Your research question will likely derive from the recent literature. The focus of a literature review, however, is to summarize and synthesize the arguments and ideas of others without adding new contributions. Why do we write literature reviews? Literature reviews provide you with a handy guide to a particular topic.