Background color on resume

Apr 01, 2013 12 Myths About Writing Your Resume. Jacquelyn Smith Forbes Staff. If it has to do with leadership, jobs, or careers, I'm on it. She says when using color and the universal meaning of color, we Many people are tempted to add color to their resume. They make the name, contact information or job headings in different colors thinking it is adding flair and style. You have no idea what devices or applications the recipient will be viewing or printing your resume with, which might change colors or show up unclear.

When it comes to designing your resume, use white as the background, black for text and the remaining color as an accent. If youre not sure what this may look like check out Claudia Argueta s beautiful resume. When it comes to resumes, using color is absolutely fine.

You can use it to make the document easier to read, scan, and to highlight important information. I wouldnt go overboard and use several different colors to colorcode the whole thing, but it makes sense to use color to give the resume structure. Heres a fact. Design Resumes has been using color on resumes since 2003. Clients have loved color on their resumes. Moreover, hiring managers have loved color on their resumes. How do I know? Hiring managers who have hired my clients have told me. In addition, my clients regularly send me updates on their success stories.

Use your brand color as the background for your head shot or avatar. Add a stripe of color below your name and contact details on your resume. Use a colored envelope to send your cover letter and resume. Buy colored stationery to use for thankyou notes. Wear it. If you have a signature color, incorporate it into every outfit. CV (Resume) Background Color Examples. Following published article Curriculum Vitae and Background Color we present concrete examples of different background colors in structured CVs and Resumes.

Each of us is able to assess the adequacy of used Curriculum Vitae background colors. Color also indicates to me that I'm looking at the resume of a selfconfident job seeker, and that's a good thing. HR and recruiter types aren't necessarily looking for wall flowers; we want people confident in their particular skill set.

Color can be an avenue to express that kind of confidence. Colorful Resume Templates. Add a splash of color to your otherwise ordinary resume by picking from our collection of customizable templates free to edit on Canva! 10 ways to change background color& reduce screen brightness How to reduce screen brightness is important if you have light sensitive eyes (some level of photophobia), or if you use your computer in dimmer environment.