Sinhala hindu new year festival short essay

Sinhala and Tamil New Year in Sri Lanka. The calendar year universally begins on 1st January and ends on 3 I st December. Short Breaks (13) Sport Tours; Tea Experience (1) Train Tours (1) they were to sacrifice a lamb in celebration of the New Year. This is called the Passover feast.

After Christ this date ceased to have any meaning and The Sinhala and Hindu New Year. The Sinhala and Hindu New Year (avurudu), is celebrated on April 13th 14th.

This is a special time in Sri Lanka. The larders are full since the harvest has just been collected, the trees are full of flowers, homes are freshly painted and it is time for festivities.

The celebration of Sinhala& Tamil New Year was motivated by various religious influences in Sri Lanka, namely Buddhist and Hindu.

However, it is believed that the celebration of New Year has existed long before the religions came into the scene. Cambodian New Year Every country celebrates New Year in its own unique tradition. Khmer, Enter the New Year, Sinhala hindu new year festival short essay the name of the holiday that Cambodians celebrate their New Year.

It is celebrated each April and the dates are determined by the lunar calendar. It is consider as one of the most important holidays of the year in Cambodian culture. The month of Bak, which represents prosperity in the Sinhalese calendar (or in the month of April according to the Gregorian calendar), is when the sun moves (in an astrological sense) from the Meena Rashiya (House of Pisces) to the Mesha Rashiya (House of Aries) in the celestial sphere; Sri Lankan people of Sri Lanka begin celebrating Sinhala and hindu new year short essay, Something unique about Avurudu is the celebration of the beginning of the New Year as well as the conclusion of the old year as specified by astrologers.

And unlike in the customary ending and beginning of New Year, when it comes to the Sinhala and Hindu New Year, there is a period of time. The Sinhala and Hindu New Year, is celebrated by both Sinhalese and the Tamils in Sri Lanka Sinhala and Tamil New Year File Format: PDFAdobe Acrobat Sinhala and Tamil New Year is one of the biggest festivals that is celebrated by Before the New Year arises the Sinhalese Buddhist goes to the temple and Sinhala and Tamil New Year in Sri The Sinhala and Hindu New Year is the only festival in the world that is based on the movement of the solar system and time.

The Orientals measured times through the seasonal changes. The main measuring criterion was the sun. The Sinhala and Tamil New Year or as we all call it Avurudu in Sinhala, has become an important national holiday for both Sinhala Buddhists and the Tamil Hindus of Sri Lanka.

It is unique because it is not celebrated in any other country as a national festival. There is greenery everywhere; fresh