Kobe bryant leadership essay for scholarship

Leadership Essay Life Essay Literary Essay Love Essay Music Essay Myself Essay Nursing Essay My favorite player to watch is Kobe Bryant. He makes basketball seem as a mere game for little kids. Basketball is my favorite sport of alltime. Kobe Bryant, the son of former NBA player Joe" Jellybean" Bryant, jumped directly from high school to the pros in 1996 and enjoyed an impressive rookie season with the Los Angeles Lakers.

He also won the Nestle Crunch slamdunk contest, and was the leading scorer in the Rookie Game during the NBA allstars Weekend. The Thurgood Marshall College Fund, in partnership with the National Basketball Association (NBA), is proud to administer the David J. Stern Scholarship Program, which will provide a talented and enthusiastic student the opportunity to enhance his or her studies at any college or university of his or her choice, including any one of the Kobe Bryant joined the NBA straight after graduating highschool and has played for the Los Angeles Lakers for his entire career.

He was the 13th draft pick by the Charlotte Hornets in 1996, and was then immediately traded to the Lakers. He was youngest ever NBA starter at 18 years, 158 days. By the Kobe Bryant is regarded by many as the best player in the NBA today.

He is most recognized athletes worldwide. In 2007 the Kobe Bryant# 24 jersey was the top selling basketball jersey in Europe (Nba).

Kobe [Bryant was the only guy on the bus, and that spoke volumes to me hes the best player in the game, yet hes always willing to come work on his game, so that kind of motivated me and Jeff, Durant said.

Michael Jordan Leadership Paper 1480 Words Dec 5th, 2013 6 Pages Study of a Contemporary leader When sitting down and thinking about a leader that I wanted to write about, and eventually stand up in front of people and talk about was a lot harder of a thing to do than I originally thought. Bryant University in Rhode Island prepares innovative leaders, offering topranked undergraduate and graduate degree programs in business and the liberal arts.

More Essay Examples on Sports Rubric. Kobe Bryant, an amazing basketball player, was born on August 23, 1978 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to his parents, Joe and Pam Bryant Kobe Bryant introduction. Kobe had two older sisters by the names of Shaya and Sharia, which made him the baby of the closeknit, Bryant family.

Kobe Bryant career achievements and highlights So far in his NBA career that started 16 years ago, Kobe Bryant has won 5 championships, earned an NBA record 15 selections for AllNBA teams and 12 for AllDefensive teams.