How to write linq query in silverlight

How to: Extend a Query by Using Code. For more information about how to write LINQ queries in Visual Basic, see Getting Started with LINQ in Visual Basic. For more information about how to Filter Data on a Silverlight Screen. To learn how to run a query within custom code that you add to an application, see How to: Retrieve Data i wrote the query in the same format in Domain Service and using entity query in.

cs file. but i recieve type specefication issue with select statement in linq query. looking for the solution, bala s How to write like clause using LINQ in silverlight. Ask Question. up vote 0 down vote favorite.

I have write following query: Browse other questions tagged linq silverlight5. 0 sqllike or ask your own question. asked. 5 years, 5 get column names of a table from database in silverlight. i looked through here LINQ Query to get Column Headers in Silverlight but 't was little confusing. As far as I know in Silverlight u write domain service to reach the data in the server side and silverlight creates the context in the client side and u use context there.

So i assumed Building Dynamic LINQ Queries based on Combobox Value. Ask Question. Normally I would write a LINQ query similar to var query from p in collection where p. LastName textbox.

Text select p; Is it possible to decide the property dynamically, maybe using Reflection? Browse other questions tagged linq silverlight linqtosql dynamic linq in silverlight with C#. Ask Question. how to write this query with or condition that perfomance become better. c# linq silverlight caching databaseperformance. share improve this question. asked Oct 13 '16 at 15: 52. Elahe Farahani.

8 3. Is this a SQL Server database? Have you tried investigating the resulting query's performance Write LINQ queries in C#. ; 4 minutes to read Contributors. all; In this article. This article shows the three ways in which you can write a LINQ query in C# : How to write LINQ queries against a facade How to write linq query in silverlight a WCF Data Service?

I am developing a Silverlight application pulls data down from a WCF Data Service however communication with the service sits behind a facade. The problem I am having is in translating LINQ queries written by the SL app developer against the facade into a LINQ query This is my Scenario: Office which has two branches branch1, branch2 branch1 has dept11 and dept12 branch2 has dept21 and dept22 each deprtment has employees. But I need to query through Office to find name of all the employees in dept22 I would be thankful to help me out to write linq queries.