Debate on children should be given homework

Sep 16, 2018 Homework, if given at all, needs to be engaging for a student. If the student is the only one completing it at home, then it should certainly be studentcentered because that will increase the likelihood that it will get done at all.

They should be able to do it during school hours. Students should be able to have fun and not have to spend all of their time stressing over the fact that they might not have finished their homework. Homework is just a waste of the students valuable time. Children should be given homework. This is because of the fact that much of the child's education is intended to be a preparation for adulthood in which they will likely have work to do at home.

Giving children homework will serve as an ideal preparation for adulthood and should occur. Homework should given to whole students in whole school Because student can be confused a thing that they learned from school so homework is same with reviewing the things that we learned from school if we don't we will forget What we learned in school homework are good for students because I don't want to forget a things that I learned The first reason that children should not be given homework is that they need time to relax and take their minds off work.

The pressure of having to complete homework every night is quite daunting for most children and they need time to Free time. I am a big believer in allowing kids to be kids, to have time to play and explore, to be with their families and friends, to think and daydream.

Also, consider that young children have very limited attention spans, especially in Kindy. To this end, I firmly believe that Kindergarten homework should last no longer than 15 minutes. Despite the weak correlation between homework and performance for young children, Cooper argues that a small amount of homework is useful for all students.

Secondgraders should not be doing two hours of homework each night, he said, but they also shouldnt be doing no homework. Students should not be given summer homework because there is no proof that achievement is improved by completing teacherassigned homework during vacation and students already have so much work to do during the school year.