Caltech thesis proofreader

The Ph. D. Thesis Seminar and Defense is a public, onehour oral presentation followed by a closeddoor defense of your thesis by your PhD. Committee. Starting the sixth year, students must petition the Dean's Office to continue study at Caltech. Caltech theses have a common format and there are regulations regarding the contents, submission, proofreading, and final disposition.

Please use the Grad Office's" Regulations for the Format and Presentation of a Graduate Thesis" ( Updated Jan. 2016 ) as your primary guideline in formatting your thesis. Proofreader Agreement: You must turn this in with at least a draft copy (electronic or paper) of your thesis to the Grad Office before your defense and at least 2 weeks ahead. You can make the recommended changes after you get it back either before or after your defense discuss the best option for you with your advisor.

The Institute proofreader will return to the student for correction and resubmission any thesis that has been carelessly formatted or filled with grammatical or Proofreader Agreement; Survey of Earned Doctorates; Electronic Thesis Submission; Minor. Caltech does not require a minor for the Ph. D. degree, but individual options may have minor requirements as part of their requirements for the major. A student may undertake a minor in most academic options as specified in the Institute Catalog.

Thesis by Joel Edward Schmidt In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Pasadena, California 2016 At Caltech I would first and foremost