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This new edition of the Sustainability Report is published alongside the Business Plan, which confirms Intesa Sanpaolo as a realeconomy bank, supporting households and businesses, focusing on meeting a healthy credit demand and managing customers' financial assets responsibly. The Plan addresses all business drivers (revenues, costs, risk, capital and liquidity) and prioritises more feeintensive businesses, ready for Intesa Sanpaolo is a major player in the corporate and investment banking, and acts as a global partner for corporates, public administration and financial institutions.

The division operates in Italy with a network of 28 branches which serves 15, 000 customers. Intesa Sanpaolo has released its strategic plan which aims to improve the profitability, grow the existing business and reduce the stock of impaired loans. Given the assumptions and Intesa's track record, the plan seems attainable. the new business plan of intesa sanpaolo envisages solid and sustainable value creation and distribution driven by: 11. 8 rote, 10 roe and 4.

5bn net income in 2017, about 10bn of total cash dividends, 12. 2 common equity ratio in 2017. intesa sanpaolo business plan free download Intesa SanPaolo Business Plan, mToken Intesa Sanpaolo Card, Intesa Sanpaolo Group Shares in Intesa, one of Italys most healthiest banks, rose 1.

8 per cent despite volatility on global markets, as Carlo Messina, the chief executive, revealed the new business plan.

DIVIDEND: Intesa confirmed it would pay out EUR3. 4 billion in dividends for 2017. The bank's new plan targets a payout ratio of 85 for 2018, 80 for 2019, 75 for 2020 and 70 for 2021. The new business plan looks" very generous in terms of dividend policy, " analysts at Kepler Cheuvreux said.