How to write jsp tags

An introduction to JSP 2. 0's tag files JSP custom tags used to be quite difficult to write, but with the arrival of tag files in JSP 2. 0 there is a better, faster and easier way to build custom tags. JSP tag extensions lets you create new tags that you can insert directly into a JavaServer Page. The JSP 2. 0 specification introduced the Simple Tag Handlers for writing these custom tags.

To write a custom tag, you can simply extend SimpleTagSupport class and override the doTag() method, where you can place your 1. Introduction to JSP Custom Tag.

A custom tag is a user define JSP element. It is very useful in JSP programming for the programmers to write their own custom components for their projects. These custom tags can be re Today we will look into JSP custom tags.

Earlier we learned about JSP Action Elements, JSP EL and JSTL to avoid scripting elements in JSP pages. But sometimes even these are not enough and we might get tempted to write java code to perform some operations in JSP For more information, see Configuring JSP Tag Libraries. Write the tag library descriptor (TLD). The TLD defines the tag library and provides additional information about each tag, such as the name of the tag handler class, attributes, and other information about the tags.

To create the Tag Handler, we are inheriting the TagSupport class and overriding its method doStartTag(). To write data for the jsp, we need to use the JspWriter class. The PageContext class provides getOut() method that returns the instance of JspWriter class. Oct 03, 2002" Forwarding" the JSP just seems to append the entiry contents of the JSP to the one in which my custom tag appears, rather that" include" it into How to write jsp tags position of the custom tag.

Back to the drawing board.